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SURGIWELL is the complete and trusted source of high quality instruments from Tuttlingen, the world capital of medical instruments!

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We Are Dedicated To Our Users & Product

Simply put, we thrive on making SURGIWELL the complete and trusted supplier in the market.

Vision To be a valued brand name associated with the manufacturing of quality medical devices. And to be recognized as a reliable global institute with strong logistics and intricate customer relationships.

To consistently manufacture quality surgical instruments that can serve their purpose in the most effective and efficient manner in the global healthcare industry. To provide the peace of mind to doctors who use our instruments and to lend them a helping hand in saving lives.

To continuously develop our technical expertise on the basis of technology, customer feedback, and quality workforce. To form strategic joint ventures within the industry, and to fulfill our social, ethical, and industrial obligations in the most effective manner.
It is difficult to find a reliable and consistent partner in the field of surgical instruments manufacturing. But, with a proven track record of more than 30 years, a growing and satisfied customer base, and brand recognition across several international markets, Surgiwell has and will continue to make a positive mark in the global healthcare industry.
Completely new product? A slight variation? or from our multiple catalogs offering more than 15.000 instruments? Surgiwell promises to supply all instruments with medically approved raw materials, in the best quality, and through ethical manufacturing pratices.
With supply reaching more than 45 countries worldwide, Surgiwell customers often seek and acheive exclusivity in the market they serve. This is a testamount to our comittment to quality and service. Through our distribution network of importers, distributors, & partner OEM companies, Surgiwell provides to thousands of hospitals all over the world.

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  • Sourcing of quality raw materials.
  • Completely in-house production processes.
  • Experienced and technically qualified workforce
  • Use of latest manufacturing technologies and machineries
  • Compliance of strict technical and regulatory standards.
  • A sense of morality, honesty, and hard work in all our dealings.